Consumer Engagement

St Stephen's values the contribution made by members of our community towards the delivery of person-centred care.

St Stephen’s Hospital has long recognised that the achievement of our strategic goals requires the engagement, input and participation from our wider community.

Our desire to achieve this has been encouraged by the development of, and our requirement to comply with, the Partnering with Consumers criteria of the National Safety and Quality Heath Care Service Standards.

As a regional facility that provides a key service to a diverse demographic, we recognise that we are in a unique position to connect with our community and work with them to strengthen partnerships.

St Stephen’s Consumer Advisory Group

As part of our commitment to Consumer Engagement, St Stephen’s has engaged the services of voluntary community members to work with the hospital in achieving our objectives.

The Consumer Advisory Group meets quarterly and is made up of representatives from across the Fraser Coast.

The purpose of the Consumer Advisory Group is to assist and advise Hospital Executive in relation to existing and emerging healthcare trends and services, together with patient information and protocols, and make recommendations from a consumer perspective. The group also reviews quality outcome data and patient satisfaction results.

Christensen House

Christensen House provides short-term accommodation to patients and their families

Christensen House is located in close proximity to the hospital, making it a bit easier for out-of-town patients who may have to make several trips to the hospital or family members who would like to stay by their sides.

The construction of Christensen House was made possible by a generous donation from the Christensen family, and the help of members of the community and local suppliers.

It is anticipated that approximately 40% of our patients will come from outlying areas to access this facility and the services it will offer. The facility will also be used to provide accommodation for visiting medical practitioners. This will serve to attract visiting medical practitioners to the area thereby increasing the range of medical services available to our community. Christensen House provides short-stay accommodation to patients and family members from these areas.

The second stage will see the development of an additional eight units. This will occur in the future and coincide with further expansion of the hospital.


Christensen House provides short term motel style rooms. All rooms feature a queen size bed and include ensuites and limited cooking facilities. There are also laundry facilities and parking available onsite.

Cost and Bookings

The cost is $60 for a single room. Breakfast packs are available for an extra $5.

Bookings can be made by calling the hospital main reception on 07 4120 1200.

Christensen House Development Steering Committee

Glen Winney
WIN Constructions
M:  0417 785 661
Rose McVeigh
WIN Constructions
T:  07 4124 4941
Brett Turner
Design Plus Group
T:  07 4128 2779
Kirsti Kee
Community Representative
M:  0467 748 162
Peter Davidson
Director of Infrastructure Development - UnitingCare Health
T:  07 3025 2506

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