Medical Advisory Committee

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Our Medical Advisory Committee's work is fundamental to the provision of safe, high quality health care services at St Stephen's Hospital.

As part of UnitingCare and St Stephen’s Hospital’s Clinical Governance Framework, doctors across all major specialty groups formally meet on a quarterly basis to review the clinical outcomes of the Hospital.

This committee critically analyses clinical results, benchmarks against other health care organisations, reviews clinical practice and advises the hospital with respect to improving patient outcomes.

The Assistant Director of Nursing is also included in this committee membership to ensure that an interdisciplinary clinical approach to review is undertaken. The ​Hospital’s General Manager also attends each meeting.

Membership of St Stephen’s Hospital’s Medical Advisory Committee includes:

Dr. Polbert Diaz – Chair

Dr. Surendra Bhutra

Dr. Harendra Wijeskera

Dr. Simon Elix

Dr. Regina Wulf

Dr. Paul Neeskens

Dr. Quan Tran

Dr. Nilinjana Suthaharan

Dr. Paul du Toit

Dr. Alexandra Burghard

Madonna Bowers, Acting General Manager

Any enquiries for this committee may be directed via the Medical Advisory Secretariat on telephone 07 4120 13​15.


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